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A professional website for your business not only gives you more credibility but can also be an untapped way of getting you new customers and sales.

Searching Google is now the first port of call for many people as they abandon the Yellow Pages for a more up-to-date service reference. Getting your website found and then keeping people on it is a learned skill – after all, once they are there the next step is “converting” them into a phone call, lead or request for further information. There is never a better time to get your business website updated and current.

Since Google announced that they were going to rank websites in their results based on whether they were mobile-friendly or not (also called “Responsive” in the industry) you can be sure that those websites not being designed to follow the Google guidelines will have their website pushed down the rankings. Essentially, this mean building a website to ‘fit’ into the device it is being used on, whether it be a desktop computer, tablet or large-screen smartphone. We now build all customer websites to be mobile-friendly and make it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers.

If you already have a website that has performed well and paid for itself many times over you will probably already appreciate how a good website can bring your business and sales marked improvement.

If you are looking for to get a website developed for perhaps the first or second time we can also help.

When it comes to marketing your website and getting it found we are experts and both Pay-Per-Click (Google’s sponsored listing program) and Search Engine Optimisation (also called SEO). You can read more about this on our sister site at which deals solely with pay per click and search engine optimisation services.

Of course as a business you can still consider leaflet distribution, national newspaper campaigns or simply just advertising in their local village magazine. The benefit of getting found online is that people are actively looking for your service when they search for it and find your services and products online; they are in a ‘warm’ buying frame of mind.

In your website you have a “virtual salesperson” who is working 24×7 displaying your products and services. Some of the many ways in which you can put your Website to good use as an effective marketing tool include:

  • Keeping your Customers up-to-date with the latest Industry and Company News
  • Showing customers new products quickly, easily and effectively
  • Sending Monthly or Quarterly E-Mail Marketing Updates

Why there are huge differences in the cost of Websites?

Lets take the car Industry as a simple analogy; the first question the car manufacturers have to establish is who their target audience is. Let’s assume it is someone who needs a cheap and effective vehicle without the gigantic cost associated with a top-of-the-range Mercedes, Lexus or Audi. All they really want is a run-around, to get them from A-B.

As a result, the car manufacturer targeting them has to design a car that it:

  • Cost effective to Produce
  • Has a reasonable Price Tag
  • Delivers what the customer wants – cheap motoring

Looking at the other end of the scale – the Chief Executive who wants and demands a top of the range £100,000+ car. He does high mileage, wants the highest comfort level possible – and is willing to pay for it at any cost.

As a result, this more expensive car has:

  • A lot more time and money invested in the design and research phrase
  • More attention to detail during construction and may be even hand-built
  • A generally much higher build quality

Taking these two very different buyers into consideration, it is clear that if car manufacturer expects to make a profit and service the customer profitably that the cost of the car will reflect this.

The same is true of websites. Before any website designs are done, a detailed research of your business and competitors should be undertaken. Only then can the actual website design phase begin. There are generally two types of website; Custom Built or Template driven.


Custom Websites

The different between a Template website design and a Custom Website design is that a custom website design will be designed from the ground up and might even involve designing a new custom logo and branding. We work with you to pull together pictures, images and text to create you a unique website that stands out from the crowd.

Most companies websites go through a 3 or 4 phase “evolution” over time, which generally (in our experience) falls into a cycle of:

  • A 1st Website gets created (probably a template) which serves as a “holding page” for the company until the decision to commission a fully customised website is made
  • A 2nd Generation website might have a lifespan of generally a couple of 1-2 years before a company decides to “move forward’ once again to a 3rd Generation Website
  • 3rd Generation Website – By this time, a company will probably have a good feel as to what they want from their website and how it works with and for their business. They will also appreciate the benefits of search engine optimisation and the need to invest in marketing the website online using either Google Adwords or Search Engine Optimisation (also called “SEO”) to get found on pages 1 & 2 of the Google results.

Regardless of whether you choose a template or custom-designed route, it is important to clearly understand what you will be getting for your money so that expectations are met by both parties. A clear understanding in the beginning makes for a harmonious and happy relationship with your Web design company.

If you have any questions about website design or converting your existing website to be mobile-friendly / responsive please feel free to either call or e-mail us and we would be happy to help. We are experts at what we do and love to make things work for customers.


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