Twitter feeds appearing in Google now, live

It has taken a while but Google have now finally sewn up the deal with Twitter to show Tweets directly in their search engine results. While the results were being used on USA users from May, they are now appearing in all Google results as of the last day or so in all English language Google results.


Taking an example, here are the results directly from Google’s own results when we search for “Google”:



Zooming in on this, Google’s Twitter feed is now extremely visible further down the page below the “In the news” section:


It won’t show all tweets however, so unfortunately you will not be able to get your own company Twitter feed appearing in the Google results – yet. The tweets being shown in the Google results will be confined to what has been labelled as the “firehose” – breaking stories only, which at last count equates to over 9,000 tweets per second into the Internet “world”.


Google previously showed news a whopping (joke) 4 hours+ old; this rekindled partnership will now show news only seconds old in their results.


It can only be a positive thing for both companies, giving them both exposure.

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