Pop up blocker solutions when browsing

If you are reading this blog post you too are probably driven to insanity by the countless pop up advert windows and adverts polluting your screen each time you visit a web page, but don’t worry – there is a solution.



Having been in the web design and online marketing industry for over a decade we have seen the internet evolve from its roots into a monster-headed medusa of marketing. Barely a click goes by without advertisers keen to distract you and extract money from you with offers and discount codes a bit like this:


A familiar computer screen plagued by popups


As technology gets cleverer and Advertisers get more aggressive almost all of us have been a victim of popups. Have you ever visited a website, only to have about 5 or more ‘helpful’ pop-up windows or boxes appear? It is true that adverts sponsor and pay for many websites that might otherwise have to charge a subscription but let’s face it – some websites are just annoying in the way they force-feed you their daily digest of spammy content, rubbish and even products you never thought of ever buying.


Many people do not like Google Ads plaguing their search results screen. Others would just prefer the only Ads blocked to be the ones they visit on a site.


Whichever you preference, the problem seems large enough for Apple to give developers the ability recently to develop products that will allow them to do Ad-Blocking on iPhones and other devices.


If you are a user of a desktop, macbook, Firefox or Internet Explorer there is also another option we have been recommending to our customers for many years and it is totally free – Ad Block plus a superb pop up blocker solution.


It works in that as soon as you visit a site that has adverts or tries to open pop-ups it simply blocks them from opening, nice and simple. You can even right click on adverts that are embedded in a page and select to hide those, and also the Google Adwords results if you choose to.


It seems to be so concerning to Google that products like this exist that they are scrambling to pay companies such as our suggested solution, Ad Block Plus, to ‘whitelist’ them (which effectively means Ad Block plus allow some Google ads through their filters  to your desktop – but not many). It is predicted that Google have lost $6.6 billion dollars in revenue to Ad-blocking solutions (which is roughly 10% of their global revenue) – but then again – shouldn’t we have a choice as to what we see?


Advertisers would argue it funds their sites, but the debate rages on.


I hope this post helps you wield the sword against these troublesome popups. If you are sick of Ads popping up on your screen you wouldn’t go far wrong installing this FREE and SAFE pop up blocker solution.

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