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Case Study: How to make an animated explainer video for your business website

how we Bring your animated explainer video animation to the screen

  • We start the animated explainer video production journey by discussing your objectives, unique selling points and goals. A dedicated account manager will work with you on your animated website video from start through to end of the production.
  • Once we understand these we then start with a simple sketched storyboard with ideas and the general flow of the video. This is very similar to the storyboards you may have seen some film directors use when planning the scenes in a film.
  • With a draft storyboard now sketched we work together to fine-tune it and make any adjustments to the storyboard slides at this point. We also annotate each slide with any script that has been drafted ready for a draft voiceover (female or male – we have a huge selection).
  • Once the storyboard is completed we finalise the script and start work on the creation of your animated video. Depending on the agreed length, this usually takes between 1-3 weeks.
  • Our video is ready for upload! As we are also experts at getting websites pushed up the Google rankings we also help guide you on the best way to package and upload your video online. In many cases creating your own YouTube account can help along with adding the right YouTube tags and weaving relevant content into your website.
  • Your video is live – we take care of the difficult parts – you only have to provide the input as and when needed during the process. The final video is uploaded to YouTube and you can easily embed it in your website with ease.

Case Study: Acclaim Environmental – a pest control company

Acclaim Environmental is a Commercial and Domestic Pest Control company. With the recent owner having retired the new management wanted to push the company forwards with a focus on their high-quality commercial and domestic pest control.

cameraWorking together we looked at the existing website, its performance and the customer engagement on the website. We also looked at the ideal target customer. The client was keen to start work on a website explainer video that would promote their company in a friendly and accessible way without too much heavy industry speak. The video focused on the importance of keeping a food company’s pest control status up-to-date.

Together we devised a script and created an animated web video that identifies with how the food factory manager might be feeling with their certification coming up for annual renewal.

The resulting video stars Ed, a food factory manager who realises that the deadline is fast approaching for his annual factory audit. Scouring the internet – as his last company let him  down – he finds Acclaim Environmental on hand to help him. The job is done efficiently and swiftly and his stress levels drop! The serious message of the legal requirements of annual pest certification are shown in a fun but friendly way.

  • We make it easy to get an animated web video for your business.
  • Find out how we can work with you to produce a web video for your business that will promote your services in a professional and accessible way.
  • Our team of expert animators will ensure you bring that something a little extra to your website.
  • Call us on 0333 444 0283 (also free from mobiles) – help set your company apart from your competition.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this video and the customer is delighted with the results. We are now working on the next animations for the client.

Remember: A lot of people prefer to watch and listen rather than read. One of our animated web videos can help make the difference when it comes to you winning a customer over.

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Our team of experts animators will ensure you bring that something a little extra to your website. Call us now on 0333 444 0283 (also free from mobiles). Help set your company apart from your competition now.